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I have already enjoy your website, and it is so nice and cool. I will visit your website again. Thank you. Please More updates
It was a great pleasure for me to visit and enjoy your site. Keep it running!
Your work is marvelous!! ;)
Cool!.. Nice work...
Haven't checked this in a while but you're a lot better! Keep up the good work!
You have a beautiful site ;)
Dude...Isa...Do you still have that photoshop tutorial thingy you did many many years ago? Cause I seriously need it. My photoshop skills are all BLAH....And remember back in the day when you colored Jo as a gargoyle I was all, "omg thankz, lemme draw you a picture!" I never did that. So I'll do that soon. Who should I draw?! I WANNA DRAW A PICTURE FOR YEWW.
Thankfully I did reply to this comment when it arrived ;)
Good job! Your site is great!
Very interesting site. Hope it will always be alive!
I'm slow but I try to! ;p
Hi, Good site :)
I enjoyed your page. Keep up the good work!
Hey, great pictures! You have a wonderful style.
Thank you very much!
hahaha~twitch~can i use these~twitch~stress pictures 2 show~twitch~2 my uncle?!?~tritch~hahaha,those pictures make me wanna laugh my head off~twitch~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sure why the hell not ;p
Hello, nice artwork like the gryphon taking a sunbath.Hope to join Elfwood soon.
Hola Avator! Tes fractals sont écoeurant :) Lâches-pas :) HellCrow ...
nice real nice, you got great vision and a sharp imagination. hope to see your work in other fields. you inspire me to pick up my art again.
Great Gargoyles, I just love them! Keep up the good working!! Rock ON \m/(-_-)\m/ !!!
~Lone Gargoyle
Hello my love! *blows kisses* just felt like coming and bugging you here too.. mwahaha.. deviant was not enough! *stalks you*
Wow! Your website has even better art work! You are wonderful! and I will request and pay for a drawing when I can! I must own at least one!
I love all your work it is very beautiful
Cool website, i like the way you can shade. Keep it up!
Hello gorgeous! It's synic from DA, I decided to come look at your personal gallery after I browsed your elfwood gallery also.. as I said before, I envy you! -hugs- hope to talk to you soon on msn
I stumbled upon your site today by accident. I was looking for pictures of Satan for a school project in religion and could not help looking at everyone of your awesome pictures. You truly have a talent! I wish I could draw/paint etc. half as good as you can! You rule! Thanks for enlightening my day! :) PS: Your website KICKS ASS!!!
~Vanessa Tierney
Bravo, pour tes chouettes dessins surtout les gryphon
Beautiful artwork, very inspiring. The Gryphs are gorgeous.
This is by far one of the greatest web sites i have gone to. you are so creative that it makes me jealous. this is my new favorite web site for sure.
Your art is so good, i wish i could draw like that. beutiful creatures inspire me. i wish i could speak french.
wicked pictures :) keep the great stuff comin x
Dude, I'm an artist myself and I'm enjoying your work...it would be great to see more!
hello :P fucking mad!!!!
~Paul Robson
Just wanted to say I love your site so far. I was also wondering if I could post a link on my website to yours? Take Care and keep up the great work.
I was just wondering what "cheecha" means?
It has no real meaning :) just a random name I made up
ISA!! MORE PICTURES...DAMN YOU FOR DRAWING GOOD! I just figured out how to color...GO ME... still can't draw for shit though. Love you much!!
Hey, Ava...still learning to draw..and it'd been awhile since I checked out your site. Allow me to say "HOLY CRAP!"...My goal is to get to where you are. Thanks for the inspiration!
ur pictures are amazing! im in awe...
~lady dark
You're great ^_^. The images are well coulored, but maybe there are some small anatomy problems.
Just keep on drawing and you'll improve ;-)
well done!!!:)
Vraiment excellent, j'adore. Très bestial. Et ta "Satan" me fait carrément tripper. :)
You are a very wonderful artist, I too am an artist.
If you'd like you can check out my site too: http://ravenchildbc.tripod.com/ you keep up the great work :)
~Raven Child
Love your work, you got talent!, It seem that you have two approche, the romentic and the dark, I like boths!.
Keep up the good work!
~Latex Noir
I love the gift for Shade the best... although the FF critters are very cute too. :)