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Really interested in asking me to draw you something? Great! I DO take commissions but there are a few restrictions.

- The drawings I do are digital art, which means you will get a high resolution file. Nothing through the mail.
- I have no price set. Ranges can go from 10$ to 40$, more or less, depends what you want, depends how much time I need to put in it.
- If you're asking me to draw something, I assume you know what I can do. Stick to this. I don't do anime and sci-fi and such things.
- I do not draw porn. But I will do nude or sensual.
- I don't take fractal requests, obviously.
- Do not ask me to design something for you. I'm not creative. So if you have something really specific that rocks my world.
- I accept money or paypal

If we all agree on the above, well, drop me an Email