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Q. I can't see new updates, but the date changed!
A. Could be because you're part of those people that really need to empty their internet cache ;p Reload the gallery pages or empty your "temporary internet files" between visits.

Q. When did you start drawing and painting?
A. Like most of the good artists out there, as soon as I could hold a pencil... or crayon :)

Q. Taken any classes? Is that your job?
A. Never taken any art classes outside the mediocre high school ones. They taught me little to nothing. And no, I'm a student in bioinformatics, not arts.

Q. What mediums and Software do you prefer?
A. When it comes to 'real' painting I prefer the feeling of oils. Sadly, it requires more patience than I can muster, so I tend to use acrylics instead or plain old Prismacolor pencils. The kind 1st graders use ;) As for Software, I sold my soul to Adobe Photoshop 7.0, the second place in my heart is for GIMP.

Q. You said Photoshop?... you think you can burn me a copy? ;)
A. I actually worked very hard to obtain a real Photoshop licence. So should you. But GIMP is free and will work with almost any OS out there.

Q. Is digital 'painting' easier than real painting?
A. I do not believe it is easier, but it is different. Digital arts still requires knowledge of colors and anatomy. They do allow to easily paint white over black, or to erase mistakes which is a bonus. But each medium has it's bonuses, some effects done with oils will be difficult to achieve with Photoshop. Still, most digital art Software out there requires months of training.

Q. Can you teach me?
A. I might post tutorials someday, but I believe there are already many in the Internet that you can get your eyes on with a simple Google query. It's also a good idea to learn biology from books or pictures; copying from other artists means copying their style, mistakes and inaccuracies.